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Amazing worlds of crystal

For tables, bars, as a present or with personal cuts

The Worlds of Crystal

The absolute perfection and craftsmanship of our glasssmiths is reflected in all our collections.

Vases and bowls

Experience the craftsmanship of our glasssmiths when you look at the gift collections! Discover lead crystal, perfectly processed into exclusive vases, decanters and glasses or marvel at extravagant bowls made of genuine Arnstadt lead crystal!


Tables & Boards

Manufactured from the purest material, masterfully cut and engraved, refined with the finest gold or platinum - the glasses enchant with their beauty and elegance. Whether as a splendid goblet with brilliant deep cut, as a simple wine glass with delicate engraving, they captivate by handcrafted perfection.


Bar Culture

Mario Hofferer is Cocktail World Champion and Barman of the Year. The Austrian cocktail virtuoso has been one of the world's top bartenders for years. His award-winning creations are characterized by high standards, passion and taste. Mario Hofferer also transfers these excellent qualities to the crystal glass collections he has designed.


Personal Crystal

When an individual gift with charisma is to be created from the finest crystal, engravings, monograms or individual signets set the perfect accents. They show appreciation for you and the recipient and turn your piece of ARNSTADT crystal into something unmistakable. For companies, we develop stylish ways to effectively stage your brand and immortalise it in crystal. 



Handmade Quality

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ARNSTADT® is a lead crystal manufacturer and since its founding in 1947 by the master engraver Heinrich Arlt it stands for outstanding glassmaking skills.
Over the years the company specialised in world famous workers for high quality and hand made lead crystal products, unique shapes and pure materials, careful cutting and elaborate engraving success factor that today still defines this family business. With a successful combination of great craftsmanship from the glass smith and the use of the latest manufacturing technology we create fascinating lead crystal items of high brilliance and quality.