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Some things only look really good when they're really big: panoramic pictures, starry skies, meadows and ... Crystal. That's why many of our collections always have one or more pieces that go beyond the usual size. This starts with charmingly decorated bowls and coloured jardiniers and goes all the way to huge crystal vases that are more than a metre high. They all captivate with their precision and elegance and have a style-forming effect on any environment.



Nizza, Dresden, Red Poppy, Tulipa or Luxury - all these sonorous collections are complemented by fascinatingly designed vases. They are a real feast for the eyes, which extremely intensify the effect of the flower arrangements arranged in them.


With bowls like these, laid tables become sumptuous tables. The delightfully detailed cut crystal glass creations enjoy great popularity even in oriental ruling houses. They are available in various shapes, sizes and collections.

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