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With careful craftmanship and lots of love in the detail successfully creates an amazing crystal glass product. Because everything is made by hand and every glasssmith has much experience, one of a kind crystal glass products will be produced.

Enjoyment and beauty

You will frequently find our crystal glass collections at international trade fairs. We will be happy to keep you informed of when and where the ARNSTADT® brand and our articles are represented. You will find the current dates in our trade fair directory.

Exquisit variety

The absolute perfection and craftsmanship of our crystal glass makers are reflected in all our crystal glass collections. Experience exclusive crystal glass, masterfully processed into sophisticated decanters, glasses, vases and bowls.


Factory shop

A special sales experience awaits those who visit our manufactory in which over 600 sqare meter big crystal glas items are sold. We will present you with all current ARNSTADT crystal glas collections as well as exclusive separate items.


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The incredible story of a world champion

ARNSTADT® is a lead crystal manufacturer and since its founding in 1947 by the master engraver Heinrich Arlt it stands for outstanding glassmaking skills.
Over the years the company specialised in world famous workers for high quality and hand made lead crystal products, unique shapes and pure materials, careful cutting and elaborate engraving success factor that today still defines this family business. With a successful combination of great craftsmanship from the glass smith and the use of the latest manufacturing technology we create fascinating lead crystal items of high brilliance and quality.