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Bar culture by ARNSTADT Crystal

Our bar glass collections combine beauty with functionality and include the most important utensils that no professional bar should be without: From shakers to decanters, mix and cocktail glasses to ashtrays, we have everything in our collections. And all this in a quality that even world champions trust. Carefully handcrafted by ARNSTADT®'s glasssmiths and elegantly finished with 24 carat gold or platinum, the glasses decorate stylishly covered tables, bars and counters all over the world.


Every bar lives through the people who surround it - in front of and behind it! And bars are made for the people with their sensations. Crystal decanters provide lasting impressions - optical, haptic and emotional.

MH Gold Selection

Pure lead crystal with brilliant deep cut and 24 carat gold finish - the Mario Hofferer Gold Selection embodies luxury and radiates class. Every single glass is perfectly handcrafted, from the first handle to the final engraving and the elaborate gilding with 24 carat gold.

Bar Glasses

"The best magnifying glasses for the pleasures of this world are those you drink from." - This quote from Joachim Ringelnatz outlines the importance of glasses quite well. So why shouldn't they be among the best your bar has to offer?

Cocktail World Champion

Mario Hofferer has once again won the title of Cocktail World Champion in the current season. We are very proud of that and congratulate him very much. It's really great to have a world player in the team.


Bowls, vases and cups

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